Silver-Mercury fillings have been the filling material of choice of dentists for many years. Many dentists still do provide this filling material. This material has been shown to be safe and effective. We feel that silver fillings are just fine. However, we no longer provide this material for a couple of reasons. Evidence has shown that the manufacturers of tooth colored filling materials have improved these materials so much in the past few years that we can confidently predict that the tooth colored materials will last at least as long as silver fillings. In addition, since the tooth colored materials bond to the existing tooth, there is less risk for tooth fracture than when using silver fillings, which do not bond to the tooth. Finally, if we can restore a tooth with a fine, long lasting material that blends in with the natural tooth, why use something ugly such as silver filling material? Most of our patients like the fact that their fillings are invisible. Thus, we have found that there is no real reason to continue to provide silver fillings for our patients.
Bonded, Tooth colored restorations:
We offer this type of restoration for a number of reasons-
⇒ We are able to make invisible fillings with this material. In addition, there will be no future black staining of the tooth which is so common around old silver-mercury fillings.
⇒ The latest bonded, tooth colored materials are just as strong as silver-mercury fillings, and are able to be bonded very strongly to natural tooth structure. This enables us to place a restoration which will function for many years and help the patient avoid tooth fracture, the side effect so common with silver-mercury fillings.
⇒ Although there is no consensus in the scientific community that silver-mercury fillings pose a significant health risk, why place it if you don't have to? It is nice to be able to place a bonded tooth colored restoration, which not only strengthens and beautifies your tooth, but also has no mercury, the second most toxic element know to man.

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