Dentures and Partials

For those patients that have no option, due to extensive tooth decay, or advanced gum disease, we are able to offer dentures or partials. Many patients want to have their denture or partial on the same day their teeth are extracted. We are able to provide this service by taking the impressions of the mouth a week before the extraction visit. The impressions are then sent to a dental laboratory, and the denture or partial is constructed and ready to be placed on the day of the extractions. As the healing process occurs, the gums will shrink. As a result, the denture or partial will loosen and need to be relined at a later date. For those patients wearing partials with ugly metal hooks, we are able to recommend precision partials. These partials contain no hooks. Rather, they have hidden snaps which secure the partial in place. As an alternative to partials, we recommend implant dentistry as a nice option for those patients wishing to totally get away from having a denture or partial.

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